Coven's Pantheon

The Coven's Pantheon consist of:

Central Deity
Awpheu-Deity of the *Albuminani, Deity of Creation
*The place where the gods, godesses, and other deities reside. It is also the afterlife.

Mersékus-God of Weather
Eurawh-God of the Sun
Wawhskei-God of Mischief
Wayüneu-God of Greed

Shéfbé-Godess of Death
Pémphé-Godess of Water
Phehspehd-Godess of Shape-shifting
Pehsehpheh-Godess of the Moon

Wehkinsue-Demigod of Shadows, son of Wayüneu and an unknown molly
Grisahmayah-Demigod of Song, brother of Wehkinsue
Nieph-Demigod of the Sea, son of Pémphé and an unknown tom
Vohlei-Demigod of Wind, son of Mersékus and a unknown molly

Phaelusk-Demigodess of Light, daughter of Eurawh and an unknown tom
Theit-Demigodess of Fire, sister of Phaelusk
Vaephé-Demigodess of Life, daugther of Awpheu and a unknown molly
Ophés-Demigodess of Healing, daughter of Awpheu and a unknown tom