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  Name: Fel'ledei

    A feline-like humanoid with fur on their arms and legs. They have a cat-like ears,  eyes and tail. They have the same features as any cat on Earth this include pupils  dilating according to the lighting and retractable claws.

    Both the Fel'ledei and the Can'edei have a rivalry with each other.

  Name: Can'edei

    A canine-like humanoid with fur on their arms and legs. They have the ears and the  tail of a dog.

    Due to a barrier with their accent, the Can'edei have a undesired rivalry with the  Fel'ledei.

  Name: Avedei

    A bird-like humanoid with feathers instead of fur on their arms and legs. Some of  them have wings for their arms and some have wings sprouting from their back. Their feet  are similar to a bird's.

    According to a old story from their group, they used to hunt down Arth'rohdei and  Rap'tedei for food and sport.

  Name: Arth'rohdei

    A arthropod-like humanoid with a hard shell on their arms. They have insect-like  legs, hands and head.

  Some of them have trauma due to the Avedei hunting them long ago.

  Name: Rap'tedei

    A reptile-like humanoid with a scales on their arms, legs, back, neck and on the  side of their face. They have sharp claws and sharp teeth.

  Also some of them have trauma due to the Avedei hunting them long ago.

  Name: Am'fedei
  Description:A amphibian-like humanoid with smoother scales on their arms, legs, back,  neck and on the side of their face. Some of them have sharp claws and sharp teeth.

  They live in moist areas such as swamps and they also some of them have trauma due to  the Avedei hunting them long ago.


The Language of the Ama'elledei


  Kitling (Plural--->Kitlings)

  A type of floral necklace that an Ama'elledei would wear if they were a Herbasany'tem  which is a healer of their Familia'kotus (a group of Ama'elledei).


The Religion of the Ama'elledei

 Skeiye, the goddess of seasons and time
    Her powers allow her to control the length of days and nights and temperature. She is  worshipped by farmers and hunters, who rely on her blessings to ensure a bountiful  harvest or a successful hunt. In art, she is often depicted holding a symbol of the  season she represents, such as a sun for summer or a leaf for autumn. It is said that  she is the mother of the sun goddess, Calipleumis.

 Uvmoez, the god of nature and weather
    Skeiye's brother, Uvmoez, is believed to control the forces of nature and is often  depicted as a towering figure with a stern expression. The Ama'elledeis believe that  Uvmoez must be appeased with offerings and sacrifices, or else he will unleash terrible  storms and earthquakes upon their land. At the same time, he is also revered for his  wisdom and respected as a protector and provider for his people.

 Calipleumis, the goddess of the sun, life and creation
    It is said that she had created the Ama'elledei race and is a powerful deity with the  ability to bring warmth and light to the world. She is often depicted as a humanoid  covered in a bright light, shimmering and radiant like the sun's rays. Many believe that  she is the source of all life, and worship her as a symbol of renewal and vitality. Her  presence brings joy and energy to those who honor her, and her powers are said to be  especially potent during the summer solstice.

 Parenim, god of the moon and death
    He is depicted as a powerful and mysterious figure, who controls the ebb and flow of  the tides and influences the moods and emotions of mortals. Parenim is said to be the  consort of the sun goddess. Parenim also oversees the realm of death and welcomes new  souls guided by his daughter, Bovra.

 Bovra, goddess of the stars and guide of souls
    This powerful celestial being is said to govern over the vast expanse of the night  sky, guiding and watching over the myriad constellations and heavenly bodies that are  scattered throughout it. Bovra is often depicted as a shimmering, radiant figure,  wreathed in light and surrounded by a halo of sparkling stars. It is said that those who  look upon Bovra will gain a glimpse into the infinite mysteries of the universe, and are  granted insights beyond mortal comprehension. She also serves as the compassionate guide  for departed souls. With a solemn presence and deep wisdom, Bovra ensures that the  transition from life to the afterlife is smooth and peaceful. They are revered for their  ability to comfort and support the souls in their journey, providing solace and guidance  through the unknown. Bovra's role is crucial in maintaining the delicate balance between  life and death and is a source of solace and hope for the Ama'elledei race.

 Clameus, god of war
    Clameus is the fierce and powerful Ama'elledeian deity of war, revered by warriors  and leaders alike. He is often depicted as a towering figure with rippling muscles and  a fierce countenance, wielding a massive sword or battle-axe. Clameus is believed to  bring victory to his followers in battle, and is invoked for courage and strength in  times of conflict. However, his worship is also tempered with a sense of caution and  respect, as he is known to be a mercurial and unpredictable deity who demands great  sacrifice and loyalty from his devotees.