INT. Harlow's containment cell--NIGHT

The security camera in Harlow's cell shows him howling. He then gets on his knees and bow downs his head. He then lifts up his left leg--the one with clamp on it. He then mutters something sounding like "(...) Phalpir".

[Cut to the following week in the same location--AFTERNOON]

The security camera shows Harlow and Wuvjik Phzui'aui interrogating him. Harlow sits accross from Wuvjik with his head down.

 Wuvjik: "So... how are you doing today?"
 Harlow: -growls-
 Wuvjik: "I know it hurts, but we'll take it off once we know your unaffected."

Harlow says nothing.

 Wuvjik: "The entity known as Phalpir is gone and there is someone waiting for you. Do  you know the name [REDACTED]?"

Harlow looks up for the first time. "She's waiting for me?" he asked.

 Wuvjik: "She says misses you everyday."

[Cut to NIGHT]

The camera now shows Cassea Rivera with a crowbar and Harlow up against the wall in a defense position. She then places the crowbar onto the ground and slowly raises her hands as if to show him that she's not a threat.

 Cassea: "It's alright... good boy."
 Harlow: -snarls-
 Cassea: "Hey, hey, easy. Okay? I'm trying to help you."

She picks up the crowbar that she brought with her.

 Cassea: "I apologize in advance, but this is going to hurt."

She takes the crowbar and inserts it in the clamps on his leg. She takes the crowbar a good push. Harlow screams. She then sees him lunge at her, but expecting an attack instead she was hugged. "Thank you." he said, quietly under his breath.