Dii'd-zece vary between regions of Planet-LP415460

High Dii'd-zece

A subrace that are native to the mountains of Planet-LP41560

    They have long fur to keep themselves warm. Eyes that reflect light and seem to  "glow" when it is dark. They have Moth-like antennae on their head act as ears. They  have insect-like legs and wings (most common being butterfly-like wings). Fins on side  of face and back of head, and smaller horns also located on the side of their face.  They have sharp pointy teeth-similar to a toothed-whale.

Common Dii'd-zece

A subrace that are native to the plains and forests of Planet-LP415460

    They have large, pointy ears. Eyes that reflect light. Their belly, freckle-like  markings, ear tips and the tips of their antennae are bioluminescent and glow when it is  dark. Their pads on their soft and squishy hands feel like rubber and are sticky, so  they use them to climb anything. They have cat-like teeth. They can eat just about  everything.

Seaside Dii'd-zece

A subrace native to the coasts and cliffsides of Planet-LP415460

    They have axolotl-like fins on the side of their head that they use for hearing.  Algae grows halfway almost to their wrist on their forearm from their thick tail that  helps them steer when swimming. Their webbed paws also help them swim. Their skin is  smooth and are a pinkish-white.

Known Dii'zece Communities

 - Pe'bic Gentis, located in the plains near the forest
 - Zopscefec-zid'qiped Gentis, located in the mountains

Dii'zece Food and Drink

  A colored bread-like desert that has sealgae grassseeds (seeds that look similar to  sunflower kernels).

  A sweet, sour, salty and mildly spicy, clear drink that looks like very similar to  water.

 - Crushed up Pipecc'qibeffopepcfec Crystal
 - One Pecep'dec Rose
 - Seven crushed up Dipezes'pebiqip Roses
 - Eight crushed up Cipidefecdzipeqcq Flowers (looks similar to chrysanthemums)

 1. Poor hot water in a large bowl or pot
 2. Add the crushed up Dipezes'pebiqip Roses and Cipidefecdzipeqcqs Flowers
 3. Add the crushed up Pipecc'qibeffopepcfec Crystal
 5. Add the Pecep'dec Rose
 5. Stir and crush the rose
 6. Add heat until simmer
 7. Stir and simmer until everything is dissolved
 8. Let cool or place in a cool place
 9. Serve and enjoy

The Mythology and Spiritual Traditions of the Dii'zece

 Dobef'b Cep-d'oefalc
 - Stone, rabbit-like constructs that are said to guard places of happiness

    A legend that is said if a Dii'd-zece, was born during or after a huge storm;
 they become a Do'f Zefoz-pef when they reach the age of 1600 (35 in human years).
 Do'f Zefoz-pef translates to "Storm Harbinger" or "One who creates storms".

    It is important to know whenever a person dies. According to legend if they come back  as a spirit, one will have to wait until the anniversary of the spirit's death and count  down to the time that they died. It is said that it helps them cross over.

    A Bep-jicrp-siz'bz is described to be a inky black, fish-like, bipedal humanoids that  can shapeshift into humans. They are benevolent and said that they have a friendly  prescence. They are also said their non-human form is always smiling and that they help  guide others whenever they are lost.

 B'defs Ef'ded
    A vampire-like humanoids of Dii'zece legend that lives in the mountainous region of  Planet-LP415460. It is described to look like a skeleton with long arms. It uses it's  tongue to scrape off the skin of it's victims and suck their blood.

 Spe-sc'coqscep Pecefc
    It is known as the dragon of the mountains and is said to live in the caves that lead  underground. Legend says that a hero defeated the Spec-sc'coqscep Pecefc by leading it  to a tight space and beheading it on the other side.