-  Central Lake
 -  Southeastern Moist Grasslands
 -  Septe Tundra
 -  Northwestern Mountains

 Native Race: Ama'elledei

 Recorded Biology

 Planet Occupants

The Counselor

    The Counselor is an urban legend. It is said once a year an entity called, "Phalpir" posseses a high ranking Ama'elledei, called the "Conselor". The Conselor collects and wears the skinned remains of the Ama'elledei that has been slain by their own hand.

The End of Phalpir

    Harlow Wilmond, the current Conselor at the time and was said to have been possesed by infamous entity known as "Phalpir". He had begun luring Ama'elledei into an abandoned building and skinning them alive. Harlow's adopted daughter, a Fel'ledei by the name "Lucky" has witnessed him being possesed. Terrified, she ran for help and met Wuvjik Phzui'aui and Cassea Rivera as they stepped out of the Airship Merlin for fuel and supplies.

    After a few moments of tracking Harlow down, they then captured him with an old human trap that painfully clapsed on his left leg. The crew of the Airship Merlin then put him in containment. After unsucessfully trying to break out of his cell, he then sat down. Wuvjik then enters his cell and casts a "Exorcisim Spell" on Harlow, thus starting the interrogation.

  VIDEO LOG-0233

Planet Occupants

A.T. Ellingwood

"Lucky" Wilmond

Harlow Wilmond


Juble B