Tale of Traegia: Track 1

Tale of Traegia: Track 2–The Chimera and the Quartolians

    Traegia started out as a secluded landmass without any sign of human civilization, until it was discovered by a man named Dr. Noah Archship. He came to the country with his colleagues to experiment on human and animal DNA. Two subjects who were codenamed, “Flore-ehs” (a Great Horned and Snowy owl-hybrid) and “Ckaun” (Micro-animal hybrid?) escaped. They both swore to free the other experiments and destroy the laboratory to prevent any more victims of Dr. Archship’s torture of his unethical ways.

    The Traegia is made up of three regions and it is about half of the size as Australia and is located in 48°52.6′S, 123°23.6′W.


Blueflaem Disease

    The symptoms of Blueflaem disease include a depressive-like state, insomnia, incoherent muttering, mild irritation and hallucinations. The reason why this is called, “Blueflaem” disease is because whoever were infected mostly described having visions or intense dreams of blue colored fire surrounding them.

    The biggest wave of a Blueflaem pandemic was recorded hundreds of years ago in Maepohla. Which was so impactive that there was a farewell phrase inspired from this disease.

“Wie wehl sie iech uther, ugehn. ‘Tehl thuh blueflaems gohs owt, mae frehnd…”


New Vespucca

    New Vespucca was first found by the Qui’volantians. They called the land “Tera’confik” or “The land of fantasy”.

    Years have passed and humans have taken over the country and treated the Qui’volantians unequally. Some of the Qui’volantians are still speaking out against this mistreatment along with humans that share the same goals. There was once a time the Qui’volantians were treated like individuals, but the corruption of the New Vespucca government have left them oppressed.

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