Traegian Traditions


Traegian Funerals

-  Burning a body on a raft sent off to sea

-  Have a silent 24 hour vigil during the funeral

Selebriem Ckohngraegat

    A Lierweshen celebration that happens during the winter; where civilians invite friends over to hang out and celebrate their escape from Dr. Archship’s laboratory. This celebration starts at the end of November and ends at the beginning of January.

-  Pautluhck ievehnt


    Traegian clothing is from human’s own clothing and scraps from other material. After the destruction of Archship labs, Flore-ehs and Ckaun decided to scavenge for material to clothe the some of the survivors.

Ckohdie's Ball

    A sportsgame with a small ball and a wooden paddle that resembles a boat’s oar. This game that has the same rules as baseball. It is very popular in Lierwesh and Maepohla. This game is usually played during the holiday.