Dr. Laurinse Ebner Wondertainment

Age: 28

Height: 5'11

Gender: Male

Pronouns: Any

Description: A caucasian man of european descent with dark hair and unnaturally colored eyes; he wears a reddish-brown coat over a pinkish-white dress shirt, a large lavender bowtie, brown leather belt, reddish-brown pant and black dress shoes

Personality: Friendly, eccentric; refers to any visitor as a friend



    Before he became a person of interest to the Foundation, Dr. Wondertainment was a normal man. He was a part-time freelance magician and songwriter. He also dabbled in the paranormal and after graduating from college he explored an abandoned amusement park with an Ouija board to contact the spirits haunting the place. Suddenly–without releasing he’d haven’t closed the seánce session properly–a demon referred to itself as “(*)Daupheligir” attached to the ghost investigator.

    Years have passed and since the Foundation found him in their factory along with other spectral and demonic employees, he is still trying to find out what happened to them that clear, cloudless night while also making anomalous “toys” for children and other products.



- He loves company and visitors to his factory

- Has a cat named "Ursa"


*Daupheligir has taken form similar to Dr. Laurinse E Wondertainment when he was in college