Welcome to Warmhearth

Greetings Corps Service, Inquiry, and Foundation members

Warmhearth hosts both a message board and database to all files anomalous incidents, Foundation/Inquiry/Corps Service members logs and bios. Please read the rules and the trigger warnings. Enjoy your stay.


1) No spamming of questionable links and emojis and text of any kind.

2) No advertisement of any kind.

3) Be nice. Try to think of it as being in someone else's house. Be courteous to the moderators. They put a lot of their free time into maintaining peace.

4) There will be no toleration of racism or hate speech against gender, sex, sexuality, ethnicity etc. This includes slurs. This will get you instantly banned.

5) Do not harass other users in text conversations.

6) No pornography nor conversations about all things sexual.

7) No conversations about drugs.

8) No conversations about what could be consider as somebody demeaning towards a certain gender, sex, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc. (see rule 4)

9) No links to software that is considered illegal. It may cause a user to have a virus. (see rule 2)

10) LEAVE POLITICS OUTSIDE OF THE WEBSTIE AND YOUR WORKPLACE. This includes no talking about current political issues, posting articles of current political issues (we know for a fact that this will lead to arguing). No nicknames or profile pictures of current or past presidents, leaders, dictators, etc.

11) The mods (your Site Direction/Executive/Superior) and the admins are always right. If you feel injustice happened or if you feel uncomfortable, you can message an admin. They will deal with your feedback eventually.

12) Don't always use CAPS.

13) No talk/discussion about ANY religion.

14) No offensive nicknames or profile pictures. That includes nicknames referring to dictators, profanity, extremist groups, etc. This will get you an instant ban.

15) Do not mention mods, admins and/or creator without reason. They are human like you and they are sometimes pretty busy. Only do this if it is necessary by asking them if it's an appropriate time. If they don't respond immediately, it probably isn't.

16) Revealing personal information about anybody on the server will get you an instant ban.

17) Respect pronouns; this includes Neopronouns

18) Swearing is allowed, just keep it to a minimum. If not you will be warned and/or banned.

Trigger Warnings:

- Unreality(?)

- Flashing lights

- Flashing

- Eyestrain

- Mentions of Abuse, Neglect and Trauma

- Alcohol

The SCP Foundation is based off of the SCP Wiki and the CPI is based off of "Avalon" by T Rutherford