Age: ????

Height: “shorter than a 13 yr old, but taller than a 10 yr old (...)”

Gender: Male

Description: A ghost of an (11?) yr old boy with strawberry-blond hair; his eyes are missing (eye sockets) and he is wearing something similar to a hospital gown

Personality: Friendly, curious; can cause someone to vomit if he doesn't like them


    Milo himself doesn’t know where he comes from, but he attached to Nathan as they both ascended from the hole that lead to the place he doesn’t want to speak of, again.


- Takes energy from electricity (albeit static from electrical devices such as radios, TVs and/or communicating devices; lightbulbs), water (running — either from faucets, streams, or rivers; or stagnant ex: puddles, wells, buckets of water etc.)

- Likes candles and music boxes; especially if it plays Swan Lake, Daisy Bell or Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and even the ones used for ghost hunting

- Feels cold and like electricity

Voice Claim

High Energy

https://youtu.be/1licjP-ZXT8?t=7    (Marionette)

Low Energy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI3GRS0rdgI    (Lefty)