FILE: ["My name means Turtle in your language"]

Article written by: Xaiver A Milliford

    The Guardian is a nomadic creature resembling a centaur that is about at least thirteen feet tall with bright green eyes that glow at night and shoulder length hair, known for guarding the forests and keeping travelers safe. It is said to possess great wisdom and guides lost wanderers to safety. The Guardian has an innate connection with nature and uses it to its advantage, exuding a calm and peaceful aura to all around it. Those who seek its favor leave offerings of food, beverages or trinkets at the roots of trees. It never speaks nor moves, but its presence is felt by all who venture too close. Known for its selflessness and bravery, encountering The Guardian is often considered to be a sign of good fortune and protection during one's travels.

    It is also said that the Guardian used to have been a part of a group of similar large, centuar-like creatures that the villagers of Dimension-B19 have dubbed "Scalae Bearers". According to them, these creatures were once chased out by what they call the "Hunters". They didn't know where the Hunters have come from, but they knew it was a group not from their plane of existence and caused the villagers scatter into hiding.

(A shell from a tortoise-like species that is normally worn on the head or back of some "Scalae Bearers".)

Sketch labled "Scalae Bearer brandishing (with) a blade (sword)."

Sketch with a bipedal or anthro, fox-like creature, smiling manically (labled "A Hunter") with a rope tied to the neck of a Scalae Bearer with antlers (labled "The Scalae Bearer Queen").

    The villagers have also said that the Scalae Bearers' queen have been captured and taken away by one of the Hunters and that there is a cult also from outside of their dimension, who worship the Scalae Bearers. They are described to wear reptile-like skulls on their heads and a long, dark green coat. Village rumor has it is that they sacrifice both reptiles (such as lizards and snakes) and children to the Scalae Bearers; they also drink the yolk of reptile eggs believing that it brings them closer to the village's deity which they call, "Forest Avarnima".

    According to legend, the "Forest Avarnima" is described as an entity as enigmatic with spindly, thin horns. They say that it is renowned for it's command over magic and that it's powers were said to be immeasurable and it's teachings held the secrets of ancient knowledge. Some accounts claim that it was the guardian of the forest, embodying the spirit of the wild with it's unbridled strength and wisdom. It's enigmatic nature only added to the allure of the village and they worship it as a symbol of renewal and abundance in nature.