Kenneth Dennels

Clearance: 4

Birthdate: Semptember 19

Age: 39

Height: 5'10

Weight: 264 lbs

Gender: Transgender (Transmasc)

Pronouns: He/They

Sexuality: Asexual

- Aromantic

Description: A short, chubby caucasian man with curly blond hair, thick eye brows and cyan eyes

Casual Clothing:

- A t-shirt

- Jeans

Work Clothing (with Labcoat):

- Red shirt

- Jeans

Personality: Emotional; (see Background)



    Kenneth’s mom left him at a young age, which caused his father to become an alcoholic to cope with the divorce. His father was an abusive drunk and would beat Kenneth whenever he could. This has caused Kenneth to have PTSD that is sometimes triggered by thunder or other loud noises whenever he’s alone. If he’s with friends, he would hold their hand or go behind them.

    As an adult, his father died under “unknown causes”. In his father’s will, he left Kenneth with his inherited money. After the death of his father, he moved out of his childhood home and into Scamnumfield Apartments (room 517).

    He eventually got bored and decided to get a job at the local coffee shop. He blacked out at the shop's alleyway and somehow got hired to work at Site-260.



- Is sometimes a voice actor for film projects. He can also do an evil laugh, but it’s more cartoonish than Kirby’s.

- Sometimes would call Xandra, “kid” because he knows that she is a few inches shorter than him.


- Dr. Elliot Kent Johnson

- Rudissimulatio

- Also sleeps in his underwear

- Drink of choice: apple juice or Capri-Sun

- Is a little bit of a theatre nerd

- Has stretch marks on his stomach, but doesn’t mind them

- Has a cute, kitten-like sneeze

- Can speak in French, Greek, German, Russian, Swedish, Bangla, Hindi, Latin, Irish, Enochian, and R'lyehian

- Can pick locks

- Can make costumes from a reference and uses them for film projects

- Smells like either thrift store clothing or a non-smoking hotel room

- Doesn’t celebrate his birthday due to his bad memories

- After a long day, he’ll just sleep anywhere or on any one of his friends (like a cat) and is open to cuddling. He also likes his hair being stroked.

- Knows morse code

- Favorite food is pancakes



Voice Claim    (TangoTek)