Kirby Jones Lennard (KJ; Kirbs)

“We just met each other! I’ll be fine!”

Clearance: 4

Birthdate: November 19

Age: 36

Height: 6'7

Weight: 220~ lbs

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/They

Sexuality: Asexual

- Demiromantic

- Alterous

Description: A caucasian man with dark hair, blue eyes and a full beard; he wears glasses

Casual Clothing:

- A gray, long sleeved shirt

- Jeans

Work Clothing (with Labcoat):

- A black waiscoat-vest

- White dress shirt

- Red necktie

Personality: Friendly, sweet, emotional (see Background), "Self-aware Choatic Dumbass";



    During his childhood, he lived in Arizona with his cousin and stood up for Stanley whenever he got bullied. After his senior year in highschool, while on a trip his parents died in a car crash causing him to have survivor’s guilt. He masks his problem by faking a “Golden Retriever” personality. He moved to Michigan to live with his cousin after the accident, that’s where he also reunited with Delgado and got a job at the SCP Foundation.



- Sometimes get panic attacks

- He would be that one kid, who would have band-aids covering his arms and legs, even though you don’t remember him getting hurt

- Cosplays

- Good at voice acting. He can also do an evil laugh that makes Xandra nervous; he can scream like R2-D2, can do voice impressions of Dr. Doofenshmirtz, John Mulaney, All Might, Soldier (from TF2) and Kronk; can also do a Mid-Atlantic accent.

- He smells constantly like soap, thrift store clothing or bleach because his cousin, Stanley always telling him to mask the smell of chemicals that he's experimenting with or cleaning products

- Sometimes calls Xandra, “lil’ sis” because she is like a little sister to him

- Snores in his sleep

- Has broken his leg once for a film project for Site-260

- Likes his hair being played with (ruffled, stroked, etc.) and uses physical touch, hair play and nuzzling as his love language

- Tells puns and dad jokes to cheer up Stanley whenever he’s in a bad mood

- Can speak in Hindi, French, German, Irish, Greek, Latin, Enochian, Bangla, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Hebrew, Scottish Gaelic, and Arabic

- Drink of choice: Cola, rum, Cuba Libre, tequila, chocolate milk, coffee with honey or cream

- Can do puppy eyes (Like this: 🥺)

- Afraid of drowning

- Has a sweet-tooth and is a foodie

- His disorder shows more when he’s drunk. He sobs quietly to himself and will not mind any form of physical attention. He also doesn’t mind physical attention when he’s sober.

- Listens to 50s/60s music

- Named after James B. Kirby, the inventor of the “Domestic Cyclone”



Voice Claim    (Skizzleman)