Ryan Tanner

“That’s not my name… you saw him die… let it go...”

Clearance: 4

Birthdate: August 3

Age: 22

Height: 6'1

Weight: [Loading Error...]

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Gay

Description: A caucasian man with dirty, blond hair, brown eyes and freckles

Casual Clothing:

- A t-shirt

- Jeans

Work Clothing (with Labcoat):

- Scrubs

Personality: [Loading Error...]



    After an incident that almost turned him fully into a vampire, he was found by Dr. Xandra Henrietta in Dimension-83 and was brought to Site-260’s medical facility. He now resides in the dormitories at the site’s property with the Thorne brothers, Michael, Marten, Tyler and Chris; and has recently converted to Judaism.



He still has vampire-like behavior; such as:

- He can sleep, but can also stay up at night without feeling fatigue

- He can drink blood, but isn’t essential for him and he can’t turn other people into vampires (salty milk and lemon juice are his prefered subsitute)

- He is intolerant to garlic; garlic makes him have intestinal issues, which includes:

  - vomiting

  - nausea

  - bloating and gassiness

  - diarrhea

but he still finds garlic bread one of his favorite snacks

- Can’t fly and/or turn into a bat

- Daylight doesn’t burn his skin, but it does irritate him a bit, causing him to itch; it is also hard for him to see in the daylight, so he uses sunglasses

- Can climb walls and stick onto ceilings

- Reflective eyes

- Super-speed, but he feels tired afterwards depending on the distance

*  *  *

- Does pottery and painting as a hobby

- Can also hold his alcohol

- Can do voice impersonations of: King Julien, Maurice, Mort and Kermit

- Smells like paint, sharpie markers and outside after it rained

- Can recite the hundred digits of pi

- Also plays DnD on the weekend

- He has a Saint Bernard named “Grizzly”

- Favorite animals are frogs, stickbugs, moths, ladybugs and sturgeons

- Drink of choice: Lemonade and Milk


Voice Claim:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78eqz36RSuY  (Pokay)