SCP-19316 (Animated)

Article written by: Dir. Delgado Winfrey and Dr. Kirby J Lennard

    Years have passed after you graduated from college. You've settled down in your own home. You've unpacked your computer and monitor onto your desk. Next to it is your empty red, coffee mug that you had since highschool.

You go downstairs to get more boxes.

    You get back and your computer has turned on. Weird because you could've sworn you never plugged it in yet, but whatever. You go to unpack the boxes you picked up from downstairs. You have probably have forgotten that you have plugged it in. You finish unpacking and look up. Why did you computer automatically went to a YouTube video on fullscreen? Well, you think it's a YouTube video of some sort of animation channel featuring a lineless, 2D background of an office with a computer of its own on a desk. A yellow office chair sits behind it. Behind that is a bookshelf with books and file bins. Next to the shelf is a whiteboard.

You try to close the window, but you can't. There is no way to close it. Have you been hacked? No. Everything else seems normal.

    Just then a man with dark hair–animated in a style described as both stick figure and puppet-like–walked halfway across the screen. He's wearing a buttoned up labcoat over a gray dress shirt with a red tie, dark gray pants and green work boots. He stops at his desk and he looks at you. You get the feeling like he's actually making eye contact with you and not an imaginary audience. He smiles. You can see that it overlaps with his oval shaped beard and it is a face similar to an emoticon commonly used for an opened mouth smile. He then speaks,

    "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

He goes closer to you and suddenly crawls through the screen.


Item #: SCP-19316-Animated

Object: Safe

Description: SCP-19316-Animated are entities with various forms, but all mostly take form of a 2D animated character (usually humanoid or animal-like) on a screen of any electronic device.

(A photo taken from an phone of D-class showing a SCP-19316-Animated Instance which shows a dog character in a park setting)

    Even if that device isn't charged or plugged in. They use these device's to connect our reality to their's. These entities are docile and friendly. Mostly some of them having, the same motive as SCP-5094. Except more... physical. SCP-19316-Animated would pull someone into their dimension, that person changes their appearance to match the style of which the video is animated in and returns to our dimension back in human form. Each "transition" takes about 20 minutes or an hour. Vice versa would happen if the SCP would go into our dimension, but their appearance will stay the same.


    You remember this man in your highschool years. A smile creeps on your face as reminisce the times he'd pull you into his world and show you around his workplace, the shenanigans you both gotten into and the eye rolls from his boss. You saw him as a father you wished you had. It seemed magical at the time and comforting to finally see him, again. He reaches out his hand and places it on your shoulder. "You've grown..." he says. "I'm proud...". He then hugs you. You surprised by him suddenly squeezing you so tight. You wrap your own arms around him. You both let go, still leaving his arm on his shoulder. "Come...," he says. "let's get out of here for old time's sake."