The first time I've tried to make an Animal Jam fic, I remember being in forth grade and had no idea how or where to post it. It also had no plot, only a beginning ;-;. So, this year I have played the PlayWild ver. on my phone and all of the nostalgia came rushing over me.

  I made a couple of OCs, whereas the last time I made two and then moved on to another story that I never posted in my elementary-middle school years, but now I've decided to reuse and remake some of my ideas here and with other stories I've written i.e. "Tale of Traegia" and "Other Ones" .

Just a heads up this site includes:

Body horror
Alcohol mention
Harsh Violence
Harsh Language

If you are sensitive to these topics, please click off immediately

No real animals were harmed in the making of this website.