A slightly chubby male Dii'd-zece with sharp teeth, large  pointed ears, brown hair, antennae green eyes and a prehensile  tail. He wears a black cardigan over a red shirt and jeans. His  face has a darker mask-like marking over his eyes

    He can eat about anything and that includes food with the  wrapping on, soda cans, glass (or any other sharp objects),  toxins/poisons, nuclear waste, and explosives. His favorite animal  are raccoons and he has a crush on Cassea.


    He was born after a huge hurricane hit in a small town located  on Planet-LP415460. His father and mother were the guildmasters of  their village, Pe'bic Gentis.

    Throughout his adolescence, he was a good student at his  guild's studium. One day as he was walking home from the guild, he  was then ambushed by a drunken stranger. But he was then saved by  a girl about his age. He remembered her wearing a bandana with an  owl-like insignia on it.

    To this day, he arrived on Planet–82DCL on The Noctua Verde as  a Pioneer from  Planet–LP415460 to find the girl who saved his  life.