Team Fathom

  Name: Dex
  Pokémon: Thwackey
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Overgrow
  Moveset: Screech/Razor Leaf/Wood Hammer/Leech Seed
  Description: Smaller than other Thwackey and has darker spots

  Dex swore to avenge his brother, Riki after he got taken by Lamos.

  Name: Slash
  Pokémon: Seviper
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Shed Skin
  Moveset: Sludge Bomb/Acid Spray/Night Slash/Taunt
  Description: Has two knotches in his tail

  He very intimidating at first, but will warm up to others.

  Name: Lukas
  Pokémon: Drizzile
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Torrent
  Moveset: Water Gun/Ice Shard/Mist/Mud Shot
  Description: Has lime green mark above his belly and dark blue eyelids and hair-like tufts(?). His tail has a lime green tip to it

  He is always getting dragged into shenanigans by Dex.

  Name: Rial
  Pokémon: Bibarel
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Simple
  Moveset: Aqua Jet/Tackle/Superpower/Aqua Tail