Team Sludge

  Name: Jay
  Pokémon: Wartortle
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Rain Dish
  Moveset: Tackle/Aqua Jet/Dig/Shell Smash
  Description: Darker spots on his ears and tail

    Jay likes to hang out with his friends and will do anything to protect them.

  Name: Torch
  Pokémon: Charmeleon
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Blaze
  Moveset: Dragon Tail/Metal Claw/Flamethrower/Growl
  Description: Darker scales

    It is rare for him to get destructively angry.

  Name: K'will
  Pokémon: Dartrix
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Overgrowth
  Moveset: Leafage/Brave Bird/Aerial Ace/Air Slash
  Description: Has paler feathers

  Name: Lineas
  Pokémon: Linoone
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Pickup
  Moveset: Tickle/Headbutt/Take Down/Sand Attack