Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Shadows over the Sun

  Name: Lady
  Pokémon: Torracat
  Gender: Female
  Ability: Intimidate
  Moveset: Fire Fang/Shadow Claw/Flamethrower/Growl
  Description: Elderly and partially shiny

    She calls herself a "retired wanderer". She had settled in the woods near by with Thyo.

  Name: Lamos
  Pokémon: Darkrai
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Bad Dreams
  Moveset: Confuse Ray/Dark Void/Hypnosis/Dream Eater

    He takes other Pokémon's souls for power.

  Name: Yorei
  Pokémon: Zoroark
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Illusion
  Moveset: Leer/Scratch/Taunt/Fury Swipes
  Description: Shiny with blue eyes.

  Name: Mortimer
  Pokémon: Herdier
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Sand Rush
  Moveset: Tackle/Baby-Doll Eyes/Take Down/Yawn

  Name: Peetie
  Pokémon: Ekans
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Shed Skin
  Moveset: Screech/Sludge Bomb/Acid Spray/Bite
  Description: Speckled

  Name: Bombyx
  Pokémon: Venomoth
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Tinted Lens
  Moveset: Disable/Confusion/Leech Life/Facade

  Name: Spence
  Pokémon: Spearow
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Keen Eye
  Moveset: Fury Attack/Assurance/Agility/Take Down

  Name: Entity
  Pokémon: Marshadow
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Technician
  Moveset: Spectral Theif/Poltergeist/Fire Punch/Assurance

    He is like an adopted son to Lady.

  Name: Harbinger
  Pokémon: Houndoom
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Flash Fire
  Moveset: Nasty Plot/Roar/Fire Fang/Torment

  Name: Gabbie
  Pokémon: Shaymin (Sky forme)
  Gender: Female
  Ability: Serene Grace
  Moveset: Growth/Magical Leaf/Aromatherapy/Sweet Kiss

  Name: Deke
  Pokémon: Rapidash
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Flash Fire
  Moveset: Poison Jab/Stomp/Fire Blitz/Hyper Beam

  Name: Mica
  Pokémon: Umbreon
  Gender: Female
  Ability: Inner Focus
  Moveset: Mean Look/Moonlight/Dark Pulse/Stored Power
  Description: Shiny with red eyes

  Name: Swiftwing
  Pokémon: Flygon
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Levitate
  Moveset: Sandstorm/Flail/Laser Focus/Sand Attack

  Name: Gil
  Pokémon: Marshtomp
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Torrent
  Moveset: Amnesia/Water Pulse/Mud-Slap/Take Down

  Name: Marlin
  Pokémon: Vaporeon
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Water Absorb
  Moveset: Charm/Helping Hand/Hyper Beam/Dig

  Name: Landon
  Pokémon: Sylveon
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Cute Charm
  Moveset: Charm/Quick Attack/Draining Kiss/Moonblast

  Name: Korvis
  Pokémon: Charizard (Mega X)
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Tough Claws
  Moveset: Smokescreen/Flamethrower/Heat Wave/Scary Face

  Name: Abbie
  Pokémon: Morpeko
  Gender: Female
  Ability: Hunger Switch
  Moveset: Spark/Torment/Thrash/Revenge

  Name: Leo
  Pokémon: Torchic
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Blaze
  Moveset: Quick Attack/Flame Charge/Flamethrower/Slash

  Name: Perkins
  Pokémon: Shiftry
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Chlorophyll
  Moveset: Nature Power/Razor Leaf/Swagger/Payback

  Name: Stew
  Pokémon: Scraggy
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Moxie
  Moveset: Protect/Crunch/Rest/Counter

  Name: Thyo
  Pokémon: Arcanine
  Gender: Male
  Ability: Intimidate
  Moveset: Fire Fang/Bulldoze/Take Down/Flamethrower