Pautluhck ievehnt

Items commonly brought to this event:

-  Maepohlien Special (A common breakfast meal in Maepohla. It includes Rehd Paest (swie-ehned Behtir-rehd baerie sause), orange slices, waffles and oatmeal.)

-  Vegela Toneck (Pronounced: Vigila TON-ick) (A beverage containing warm milk with honey. This beverage is very popular in Traegia.)

-  Elexer Cidaetoh (Pronounced: SAID-ay-TOH) (About a few years ago in Toichie, a Maepohlan visiting the country saw that the Toichie had made a drink with warm water and cinnamon. The Maepohlan thought that they’ll share the recipe with their fellow Maepohlans.)

-  Pehlar (A Lierweshen attempt to copy the recipe of Elixir Cidaetoh gone wrong. Instead of being a warm beverage, it became an alcoholic drink with a Maple Syrup-like taste to it.)