Traegian Biology

    Traegia has a diverse biology. From common animals that have also escaped from Noah Archship’s Laboratory to other living organisms that are more… strange.



Laezah (Female tortoiseshell)

Skehper (Brown and black Tom)

Feshir (Tuxedo Tom)

Vievie (Dark gray tabby Molly)

Waurdehn (Gray Oriental Tom)

Buhbs (Lilac colored Tom)

Mehsie (Cream colored Molly)


Baus (Male Scarlet Macaw)

Baendet (Male Sulphur-crested Cockatoo)


Fiefie (Female Cocker Spaniel)

Waed (Male Tasmanian Devil)

Pahlahs (Male Silver Fox)


Name: Rowndehdpowch Mowths

Height: 5'2

Weight: 132 lbs

Wingspan: 8 inches

  A flightless bird that is described to have the body of an Ostrich and the crest and intelligence of a Cockatoo. These birds have the same bill to a Shoebill stork, but shorter. They can run at 45 miles per hour and just like Ostriches they'll kick and trample as a self-defense.

Name: Hehdgehehirmehts

Height: 4'11

Weight: 130 lbs

  A solitary mammal with spines on it's back similar to a Porcupine. They only meets other Hehdgehehimehts to mate. When a male in a litter becomes an adult, he is forced to leave and to live somewhere else; such as abandoned burrows or buildings. They'll defend their den when they feel threatened. They'll even use their spines as weapons.

Name: Clohck-ehd Sck-ahvehngers

Height: 2'3

Weight: 57 lbs

  These pack mammals share the same hunting behaviors as Hyenas and Coyotes. They'll even try to scavenge for food in urban neighborhoods. Reports say, they are even smart enough to break into homes.

Name: Tahbies Haer

Height: 9.8 inches

Weight: 1.3 lbs

  Despite their appearance, these mammals are more related to squirrels than they are to cats or rabbits. They can use their paws as hands and would often share dens with Hehdgehehirmehts.

Name: Faebaers

Height: 1'10

Weight: 11 lbs

  Just like Rowndehdpowch Mowths, these creatures are also said to have the same intelligence as Cockatoos. They have Snowy Owl-like talons on the back and Hawk-like talons on the front. Their wing type can come in a vareity such as Imago (which are Bug-like wings), Avian (which are feathery, Bird-like wings), Leathery wings (Bat-like wings) and Semi (which are feathery, Bat-like wings).

Name: Tahpoos Hehn

Height: 9.8 in

Weight: 10 lbs

  Tahpoos Hehn share the same intelligence as Corvids. They can use tool made out of sticks and they're known to team up with
Clohck-ehd Sck-ahvehngers to break into dumpsters, homes, and other buildings. They even get a fair portion of the scavenge.

Name: Cuhzehns Faev

Height: 7'5

Weight: 250 lbs

  These creatures are unfortunately extinct. They were described to be docile and Bug-like. They were to curious and pampered for their own good.


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