Traegian Government


    Traegia has a social democratic form of government.

    They have a one leader in each district and that leader chooses their successor. The successor is either someone with a promise to be loyal to the region or the leader’s closest of blood-kin. If the successor commits a felony in a district, then they are either executed or exiled by vote from civilians of that district.

    If the majority of the Lierweshen/Toichiesh/Maepolian vote for execution, then they would vote for how the felonist should be executed. If there is more votes for exile than execution, then the felonist would be sent to sea on a raft without food or water. The same thing happens to the leader, if they were to commit a felony as well, the successor takes over and the civilians of whatever district votes whenever the ex-leader should be exiled or executed.

    If this happens, then the civilians would have to vote a new successor.

    If the successor dies, then a new one is selected. If the leader dies or retires, the successor takes over.


Traegian Ckohd

-  Defend the unarmed, even at the cost your life

  •     Do not harm others, unless it is for self-defense

-  Do not trespass other people’s property without permission or invitation. If the trespasser promises to leave and/or is just passing through, they are to be left alone.

-  Be kind to the Nomads. Help them if needed, but respect their boundaries.

-  Respect the boundaries of all civilians, also including:

  •     Nomads
  •     The disabled
  •     Others from different districts*
  •     Ehnfaegietie**

-  No work on holidays and weekends; work hiatuses for mental health, illnesses or school exams are MANDATORY

-  *Treat visitors from different districts with respect

-  Civilians who still agree with the ways of Dr. Noah Archship will be executed!

-  Physical discipline to Ehnfaegietie (such as striking) are prohibited

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