Xandra Henrietta

(Pronounced “Zandrah”)

“Did you know that you see your loved ones in your dreams… heh, don’t worry. He wasn’t always there for me anyway.”

Clearance: 4

Birthdate: October 16

Age: 28

Height: 5'8

Weight: 142 lbs

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/They

Sexuality: Asexual

- Aromantic

Description: A caucasian woman with brown eyes, brown hair that she sometimes wears up, freckles and scar markings on the left side of her neck and the right side of her face; sometimes will wear glasses due to her nearsightedness

Casual Clothing:

- Blue jacket (in colder weather)

- Red flannel (in colder weather)

- A t-shirt

- Jeans

Work Clothing (with Labcoat):

- A t-shirt

- Jeans

Personality: [Loading Error...]



    Xandra originally lived in Conary Town, South Carolina. She hadn't known that he worked there at the time, but at the age of eight her mother, Maisy received a call from the Foundation that Benson (Xandra’s father) died from a work related accident. Her mother picked her up from ballet practice and took her home. The next day, they both went to his funeral.

    During her childhood, she knew Nathan, Marten and Dr. Laurinse E Wondertainment as only a classmate.

    As an adult, Xandra moved to Fikshal, Michigan a few months after graduation from college with a DVM degree, leaving her mother and her beloved cat named, “Shoes” behind. She moved into Scamnumfield Apartments (room 419) and got a job at a local veterinary hospital, but after burnout got a hold of her; she quit and joined the SCP Foundation.



- Autistic, but masks some of her symptoms

- After a film project, she would evaluate if it was someone’s first time in one. It doesn’t matter if they play as the main focus or not. If someone looks stressed after filming, she would ask them if they’re okay. This has became a habit of hers to the point where she would ask people who have been in a film project before.

- Does the sound effects in film projects and can scream like Toad

- Can’t pronounce the word “Audapaupadopolis”, will instead call it “adaptation police” or something close

- Says “Ketuhl” (Keter), “Yeweeclyde” (Euclid), and “Saffay” (Safe) just to annoy people correcting her (“It’s worth it…”)

- Drink of choice: any fruit juice (except for banana, guava, grape, or tomato), Capri-Sun, Strawberry/Chocolate milk or Hot chocolate


- Dr. Elizabeth Xandra Corder

- Malcognitia

- Favorite animals are Horseshoe crabs, goats and any kind of bird that can mimic human speach

- Uses physical touch and hair play as love language

- Can’t drive because she it gives her anxiety

- Favorite soup is butternut squash and sweet potato soup

- Can curl her tongue

- Can do basic archery (meaning she can hit a target, but can’t hit a bullseye)

- Would hold a baby animal like an infant child

- Would call someone a nerd in a friendly tone

- Sometimes she would also mix up SCP item numbers

- In her childhood, she had picked up “cool” rocks and has a collection of them in a box

- Smells like sweet fruit candy or Oreos

- Listens to Minecraft parody songs, Electro-swing and show tunes

- Has played the piano and viola when she was in Elementary school

- Can speak in Latin, Greek, Russian, Irish, Enochian, Spanish, Scottish Gaelic, Japanese and R'lyehian

- Taught herself morse code and sign language while studying SCP-●●|●●●●●|●●|●’s file.

- Has thalassophobia (if her feet can touch the ground while she is in the water, she’s fine; but she doesn’t go far into the ocean unless she’s in a boat and not in an inflatable raft.)

- Likes to stargaze

- As a former veterinarian, she knows a bit (and by that a lot) of obscure animal facts



Voice Claim

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH6Oe4b2aiU    (LaurenZside)