SCP-45170 (Take a Bite)

Article written by: Dir. Delgado Winfrey

    The tapes are in text form to prevent any cognitohazards of any kind. Dr. C Thorne and Dr. Henrietta were in distress after viewing them. They also didn't get enough sleep last night. They both even experienced an auditory hallucination while out shopping. Hope they get better soon and to who ever is going through this file and wishes to view the tapes and/or the pop-up ad themselves needs to ask Dr. Cuffers or Dr. Rodriguez and they will give you Cognitohazard-proof goggles to prevent side-effects of any kind or similar to C Thorne's and Henrietta's.

    - Dir. Winfrey

Item #: SCP-45170

Object: Safe

Description: SCP-45170 is a collective name of an cereal box, four tapes and a pop-up adverstisement.

  SCP-45170-A is a cereal box of an obscure brand by the name of "ASTROBITES" made by "Sackville Cereal Products". Despite the company's name it is not one of any of the fronts to any site we know of and no logo of any of our group/people of interest can't be found on the box, tapes, and pop-up ad.

  SCP-45170-B1, B2, B3 and B4 are tapes of ASTROBITES advertisements. These tapes depict Site-260 staff. When interviewed they all said they didn't remember being in the advertisement themselves.





  The ASTROBITES Pop-up Ad is designated as SCP-45170-C. This pop-up ad was first found on the social media website called "Chattr". It was then isolated by Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Petterson. The Foundation then shutdown the website preventing any more pop-ups of the sort.

TW: Eyestrain and flashing colors/images