SCP-72020 (The "Icy Wind Voices" incident)

Item #: SCP-72020

Object: Keter

Description: SCP-72020 is a mysterious event that the the Foundation deemed the "Icy Wind Voices" incident occurred on January 5th when witnesses reporting strange sounds and footprints not resmembling human nor animal in the area. Previously, the locals have also reported seeing a humanoid-like figure that seemed to be made out of snow walking into Theodore MacTaurus Hiking Trail. Just then a few weeks later, an elderly couple lost their pet cat named, Tussle. Despite extensive searches, no evidence was found and the incident remains unsolved and the cat was never found. A dog by the name of Flicker has also have gone missing. In the same week, a small group of children have also went missing. Two weeks later, Ned Lucas--an employee of Crowford movie theatre noticed six structures made out of snow. They were highly detailed and realistic. Four of them looked similar to the four missing children; and one looked like the missing dog and Tussle.

  The locals call it the "the Snowman Incident" because they believe that the entity that wanders into the park have made the children and the two animals to go missing.

  A hiker by the name of Nicole Williams has also gone missing, but his body was found. He was reported to have died of hypothermia with severe frostbite covering his hands and feet. Site-681 researchers have found that all of his organs and bones were removed without surgical incision. But his arms, legs, and head seemed to be sawed off and stitched back on. His bones and organs were neatly replaced with sticks.


News Reporter Woman: "This just in the body of a twenty-five year old man, Dennis Laurese has been found dead in the clearing of Theodore MacTaurus Trail. The details reported by the police are a very disturbing, saying they found him on the ground with blood trickling from his ears and neck."

Officer J (Dr. Jon Jaibez): "We sadly believe that he took his own life."

News Reporter Woman: "And yet some locals believe otherwise." -to Jaibez- "Do some people really believe this has to do with the Snowman Incident that happened weeks ago?"

Officer W (Agent Marcus Walker): "Unfortunately, yes."


 Dr. Jaibez and Agent Walker have found a page from a book pinned to a branch. The book was then later identified as "The Pearlescent Eyes of the Stars" written by Baldwin Williams. The book summarizes Williams experience of stargazing. The author writes, "(...) it seems like the stars themselves are calling out to me amongst the howling wind. I can hear them.". On the back is a note that is believed to written by Laurese, the note describes as follows:

 "These voices. I hear them as they echo in my head. I don't want to HEAR them anymore, but they want me to. Something amongst THE WIND is lulling me to venture deeper into these woods. I should feel scared, but I feel safe somehow. I feel protected and stars themselves are not the ones I remember. They seem like... eyes? I don't know, but as well as feeling protected; I also feel like something is having a close eye on me. If anyone finds this, there is a possibility you have already found my body."

 As the two men investigated the recreational park, it became more later in the day and a sharp, freezing wind brought in a thick fog. Deeper and deeper into the forest. More time has passed.

 Jon Jaibez being interviewed by a Site-681 researcher told them he lost sight of Agent Walker. Saying he could hear his voice call out to him. He followed it.

 It was night and the wind picked up even stronger. He said that flashlight couldn't reach far, but he found Walker's uniform on the ground. He followed the path of clothing until, he could only find legs, slightly hovering off the ground. "They were still." he told the researcher. Still as the air when he looked up to see what he thought was Agent Walker, being strangled by an invisible force. The reseacher asked him if he thought it was Walker.

 Jaibez told the researchers, "Even if it was, he wasn't the Walker that I knew.". Dr. Jaibez and Agent Walker were close friends. He was clearly in shock to see his friend change right in front of him. "Do you know how long you were out there?" asked the researcher.

 He saw Walker's face change. He features became gaunt. He saw his friend's eyes fall back to his head.

 The next thing he knew he was running from a shadowy entity as all as the trees themselves.

 The researcher called out to Jaibez. "Sorry, can you repeat the question?" he asked.

 "Do you know how long you were out there?". "I... don't know." he answered. "I think it was the next day that I escaped whatever chased me out of those woods.". "You were out there for half of a week." the researcher told him.

 Weeks have passed and the Site-681 researchers have found what appeared to be mummified remains at the entrance of Theodore MacTaurus Hiking Trail. Autopsy and further research shows that these were the remains of Agent Marcus Walker. When laid face down, his back showed words in an unknown language.