SCP-D83 (Dimesion-83)

Article written by: Dr. Kenneth Dennels
Sketches and notes by: Dr. Xandra Henrietta

Item #: SCP-D83

Object: Safe  Euclid*

Description: SCP-D83 is a collective name for a nomadic group of interdimensional travelers. The head of the group, "Tabku" creates portal for its companions as they travel to a different dimension once a year.

    In the third year of their settlement, they summon a humanoid figure to help them with their crops. They named this figure "Aquill".

    Aquill looks human in appearance, taking the form of a caucasian male with brown hair and eyes. But its true form is a shadowy mass that is human-like silhouette with glowing, yellow eyes, horns, tail with spines, frills and wings; the spines and horns have yellow tips. Aquill is very friendly, but wary when it comes to strangers.


Note 1

Name: Tabku

Description: A shadowy-humanoid with white star-like speckles and wearing an unknown animal head that has canine-like features. A small, bipedal frog-like creature with bright purple and green splotches and white speckles. A black, green and purple bipedal butterfly-like creature. A bipedal reptile-like creature with purple and green splotches and white speckles. A hooded skeletal creature that has armor-like plates that change shape and color. The reason because of this unknown. It is not certain if it because of adaptation or other causes.

Name: Rowan

Description: A bipedal creature with cow and lion features wearing a red suit and black bowtie; skort.

Name: Zanskri

Description: A bipedal dragon creature with red scales and is wearing black leather clothing.

    - Close friends with Aquill; then later Pecius

Name: Rose

Description: A bipedal, rotting reptile corpse with a scorpion tail. She wears a flower crown.

    - Close friends with Pliny


    In the fourth year of the settlement, a bipedal bear-like humanoid named Isa-Nanako discovered a type of mold that can only be maintained by heat. Nanako calls this type of mold "Dullgynaria". His former friend, Connal he could cultivate the mold. This seemed to have led to a makeshift courtcase labelled, "The Cult of Lago vs the People".


Note 2

Name: Dragon

Description: A bipedal, reptile-like creature with moss-like, green fur and has a peg-leg and a left mechanical eye.

Name: Kal

Description: A bipedal, fox and cat-like creature with moth-like wings.

Name: Flavia

Description: A blonde humanoid in a plague mask and "pirate"-like attire. She has a cat tail and feathery wings.


    In the fifth year of the settlement, there has been a division of the group. Five out of the twenty-six nomads, formed a cult-like group and separated from SCP-D83. They named themselves "The Order of New Life" or TONL.

    The TONL settled in a nearby dense forest. They claimed to be aggressive, but never did any harm to the researchers who were sent to observe them.


Sketch 1    (A member of the TONL named, Buschmann left these scratch marks on these spruce or pine-like trees.)

Note 3

Name: Ethaniel

Description: A bipedal, reptile-like creature wearing a face mask and "rogue"-like attire.

    - Close friends with Vincent, Dragon, and Buschmann

Name: Pecius

Description: A bipedal creature between a fox and a raccoon.

    - Close friends with Zanskri and Aquill

Name: Elro

Description: A creature taking form a of a large, bidpedal german shephard wearing a trenchcoat over a white shirt, googles and belt bipedal, rotting fox corpse with skeletal wings.

    - Close friends with Kal

Name: Vincent

Description: A bipedal creature with cow and dog features and wearing a brown tunic.

    - Close friends with Ethaniel, Dragon, and Buschmann

Name: Pulcra

Description: A blue, bipedal turtle-like creature with two-pairs of arms, bird feet, butterfly wings, and purple and pink peacock feathers. She is wearing a flower crown and a tunic dress.

    - Close friends with Isa-Nanako


Note 4

Name: Haru-dritt

Description: An Anthropomorphic gryphon wearing a bright red gi (presumably made out of a leather-like material) with a yellowish-green sash and lavender shorts.

    - Close friends with Rowan and Kal

The sixth year of the settlement, there was a breach in containment at the Foundation. MTF agents were then sent to retrieve the escaped SCP, capture and put it back in containment.

Sketch 2    (A sketch of what some claim to be the ghost of a former member of SCP-D83.)

Name: Talmi

Description: A creature with a similar build to the mythological Naga; his face is feline-like and has fins on the back of his tail.

    - Close friends with Buschmann and Vicinus


Note 5

Name: P.U.E.R.I (Prime Universal Exploration Research Intelligence)

Description: An AI with the appearance of an flatscreen computer approximately 1,821 ft. It's main interface is similar to size and appearance to a 90's computer.

Sketch 3    (Cruthaall is what the program calls Haru; P.U.E.R.I's main interface where one would type in a message and communicate with P.U.E.R.I)


    In the eighth year, the Foundation retrieved word that a meteor was going to strike the settlement. It took atleast seven months to prepare and evacuate.


Note 6

Name: Fawn

Description: A deer centuar-like creature with moth-like antennae. She is wearing a green tunic.

Name: Lumita

Description: An anthropomorphic moth with navy blue and black feather-like scales; these scales have small, white spots in a star-like patterns

    - Close friends with Haru

Name: Vicnius

Description: A hooded entity with blue salamander/newt-like features.

    - Close friends with Buschmann and Vicinus


*In the ninth year, the Foundation had to change the object class due to a attempt to summon a demon named, Lucius to take over and destroy SCP-D83's reality.


Note 7

Name: Melimako

Description: A blue, bipedal creature with cow and lion features with fins on his arms. It is said that he is their god of prosperity.


The Foundation hasn't heard from P.U.E.R.I or P.U.E.R.I 2.0 ever since, but the nomadic group thanks them for their help with destroying the demon.